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With the number of Gmail users increasing, the cases of hacked account are coming into the light more often. First, you need to understand why accounts are being hacked in the first place. The process of hacking is done to steal data from your email transactions. Your personal information, bank details, and important business secrets are at the risk of being misused by the hacker. In such a situation, Gmail hacked account recovery is the solution. Yes, there are several easy and quick ways to recover your hacked account. You can do it either by yourself or seek help from the Gmail customer service number.

Hacking an account is a cyber crime and is also a punishable offence, no matter in which country you are living in. So, the moment you notice suspicious activities in your Inbox or unrecognized emails in your ‘Sent’ mails, you should hurriedly contact the tech support team to recover it. The worst is – when you are unable to log in to your Gmail account at all because the hacker usually changes the password after hacking it.

Gmail Hacked Account Indicators

The increasing number of hackers and unethical techniques have kept almost all the Gmail account at the risk of being hacked someday or the other. The situation is utterly confusing and stressful until you go through the Gmail hacked account recovery process and take back control of your account. In order to bring things under your charge quickly, first you have to detect if your account has been hacked at all.

Here are some sign to look for:

  • Suspicious email transactions, or unfamiliar emails, weird mails in your Spam folder
  • If you have set the log in alarm earlier, you will get notification every time you log in from a different device. So, if you receive any such notification that you are not aware of, you need to buckle up.
  • If you need a notification about “changed username or password”and you haven’t made the changes.
  • You are unable to log in at the very first place, even after entering your Username and Password correctly.
  • Is there a bar at the top of your device screen in red that gives an alarm sort of a message like – suspicious activity detected in your Gmail account? 

These are some basic signs to identify a hijacked account. There could be several other indications as well. If you find any such signs, you should take help from the Gmail experts for Gmail hacked account recovery. 

Steps for Gmail Hacked Account Recovery

If you are looking to sort the matter all by yourself, here are some tricks Google ask you to apply:

  • Use the phone, computer or any device where you sign in frequently
  • Use the same browser for example – Google Chrome or Opera Mini that you usually do
  • Sign in from the location where you normally sign in, like at home or at work
  • Make sure you are entering the right password or username
  • Avoid typos and check the uppercase and lowercase letters.

If you can’t sign in to your email account, Go to the Gmail hacked account recovery page. You are required to provide answers to the questions as accurately as you can. Do not try to skip the questions. If you are not sure about any security cross check question, answer it as closely as you can rather than skipping that question completely. The self-help page is for you if your email username and password has been changed or someone deleted your account, or you are unable to sign in for another reason. If you can’t solve it by your own, call Gmail customer care service. The experts are ready 24/7 to solve your queries and help you with Gmail hacked account recovery.

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