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Google is pretty good at providing its users seamless email service through Gmail. It has all the recent and upgraded functionalities and features that make sending and receiving docs a breeze. However, users often face difficulty while logging in to their account, whether its from desktop or any mobile device. You have Gmail password recovery option if you want to log in effortlessly. However, there could be other reasons as well for not being able to sign in to your account, But, here we are dealing with issues related to a lost or forgotten password. It is very easy to create a Google account with a strong password as mention in the instructions and, it is even easier to reset the password whenever required.

Make sure you are aware of the steps to reset, as this is essential to change your password in case you are unable to log in or suspect your password have been known to other people as well. Dial Gmail customer service number in case you need help with Gmail password recovery instantly.

Easy Steps to Follow:

Google has been favored by users for its clear instructions, guidance and solutions to frequently asked questions and commonly occurred errors. It is great if you can recover your Gmail password all by yourself by following the instructions. These are the steps to be followed:

  • Visit Gmail password recovery
  • Enter your email ID and click Continue.
  • If you remember your last password, you have to enter it when asked, otherwise click “I don’t remember”.
  • Next, you have to verify your identity, which of course is the prime step and you can’t skip it no matter whichever option you choose. If you find the process difficult, call Gmail customer service team anytime and get instant support.
  • After the verification is done, you will be given the access to the page from where you can easily reset your password.
  • Enter the new password and confirm it once. Next, go to the Gmail log in page and get access your account by entering the new password.
  • Gmail password recovery gets easy if you provide alternate email address or phone number at the time of Signing up or creating your account.

How the Gmail tech support team helps?

If you are very busy with your customary routine and responsibilities or don’t understand the steps mentions to recover the password, you can always reach out to the Gmail help desk. The experts will guide you over the phone after listening and understanding your issue. They have been in this field for years and hence, can instantly help you get back access to your account without much fuss. The best part is you can call them anytime from anywhere and they are always on their toes to serve you in the best way.

When do you need Gmail password recovery?

Forgetting the password is one of the main cause of not being able to log in. Users forget their password for many reasons. It could be an old account that you were not using for years. It could be due to handling multiple accounts you mix up the passwords. You may forget the password because it is very complex. Gmail password recovery is essential if you receive notification from the Gmail team to change your password. Recovering your password ASAP is crucial when you suspect there is a case of hacked account. You will detect if your account has been hacked or not by looking for the signs mentioned in our hack account recovery page. In such scenario, you won’t be able to log in even if you are putting in the password and username correctly. In most of the cases the hacker changes the password the moment it is hacked. Seek help by calling the Gmail customer service number to recover your password quickly.