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For any email account password is a very important component, similarly, it is for Hotmail. There are various circumstances when you may get the password lost in that situation you are left with the option to undergo the Hotmail password reset process. At any step, if you need any help to understand it, then always remember that our customer service team is always beside you. They will not only provide you guidance for resetting the password but they will also ensure that you don’t face a similar problem in the future. This will allow you to access your account without any hindrance.

Why there is need of Hotmail password reset process?

  • The first instance when you will have to reset the password is when you forget the password. Once you forget the password you will not be able to login the account for sending or receiving emails. Thus, you have to reset the password and use the new one for accessing the account.
  • In case you hold multiple accounts, it is quite common to get confused between different passwords that belong to different usernames. If you mismatch those details, then you will have login problem. In order to tackle that situation, you have to opt for the Hotmail password recovery process.
  • At any point of time, you find that your account has been hacked then the only way to bring it back from a situation is by recovering it. You can opt for resetting the password as that will allow you to save the account from the hands of the hacker temporarily. Later you can avail support for complete recovery of the account.

What are problems in Hotmail password reset process?

  • Unable to remember the security questions: For recovering the password you have to recognize the security questions along with the answers that you have provided while setting up the account. If you fail to remember it then you have to enter the correct username and the password of the account. If you want to resolve it completely then you can avail the help of Hotmail customer service team.
  • Too many attempts of recovery: When you fail to recover it once it is obvious that you try multiple times. For protecting your account from fraudulent activities Hotmail has limited the attempts and that’s why your account might get blocked. If you come across such situation, then you can do anything except contacting the support team who would provide you relevant help in the process.
  • The security question is not found: When you try to recover the password the option of security question may not appear as a recovery option on the password recovery page. In that case, it may be available in the account recovery page as a series of questions are asked in that form. In order to get a clear idea on this, you can get in touch with our team members who will help you to answer the security question and reset the password.
  • Doesn’t have the secondary email address: If you are unable to access the option of the secondary email address that means you have not provided that earlier on your account. In that situation, you will have a problem in receiving the set of instructions for resetting the password.

These are some of the common problems that you may come across while undergoing the Hotmail password reset process.  It is not a big issue until all the steps are followed in a proper format. If any help is needed at any point of time you can always avail the help of the support team.