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Also known as Windows Live Hotmail, it is one of the oldest and most famous free online email services available today. The service is provided by Microsoft. So, it is a web mail service and you can access it from any place, in any web browser. You just need the internet connectivity. You need a user name and password if you are logging in for the first time and start using the service. However, there has been a lot of ruckus among users reporting Hotmail login problem or error.

If you face any technical inconvenience related to the login problem, dial Hotmail customer service number and get instant support.

Features that make Hotmail everyone’s favorite

There are some lucrative features in Hotmail which makes this one-of-a-kind email service.

  • It is interconnected with Facebook. So, it’s gets super easy to use Hotmail and Facebook chat simultaneously in one tab.
  • You can send images of up to 10 GB when you create an album on the Sky Drive.
  • You also get maximum email size limit of 25 MB at a time.
  • With the latest addition of feature, you can watch YouTube on the Hotmail. And, there are numerous other benefits.

Even so, like every other email service, users also face technical issues related to password, username or Hotmail login problem. And, here comes our role! We specialize in Hotmail tech support services. You can call at our helpline number anytime to receive instant solutions related to Hotmail login problem.

Hotmail login problem

Why Getting Hotmail Login Problem?

Before fixing or resolving the issue or problem, it is compulsory to know the reason behind the problem. When you knew the reason, it became easy to fix or resolve. Hotmail login problem is a common but critical [rpblem and need to fix quickly to safe and secure the account from unethical users or hackers. There are some causes of Hotmail login problem which are given below:

i) You forgot the password
ii) Someone has hacked the account password
iii) You have shared the password with friends or family members and it is changed by them
iv) You are trying to input wrong password or wrong spelling or missing letters (capital/small)

What to do when you can’t login or getting Hotmail login problem?

  • If you have created an account in Hotmail using a proper username and password as per the guideline, there shouldn’t be any problem signing in.
  • If you are unable to log in using the same username and password, do not panic. First, check if you are entering it correctly or not.
  • The combo of alphanumeric character, numbers and letters in the password should be entered carefully because there are changes of mistyping.
  • Check if the caps lock if off. It’s not always because of the password. If you are unable to log in to your account and the Hotmail login problem is showing – incorrect username or password, then this might also be the username issue.
  • There could be other technical reasons also for to being able to sign in. Our team will help you detect the problem and provide solution accordingly.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot my password’ and follow the processes of Hotmail password recovery.
  • When you know your password but still can’t sign in call customer service number. The technical assistance will take you through the steps where you have to fill out a form at Hotmail’s official page and click on ‘submit’. You will get access to your account and get a link to reset your password after completing the steps successfully. Keep an alternate email ID handy because you will be asked for it where your account credentials will be sent.
  • If you can’t retrieve your username and password, contact tech support team to solve your Hotmail login problem.

How to Fix Hotmail Login Problem?

  1. Open Microsoft Official Site
  2. Go to “Forgot Password Recovery” option or “I Forgot my Password”
  3. Enter your alternate email id or phone number
  4. Get the verification code and enter the code in text box to verify your identity
  5. Now Click on Next and you will get an option to change the password
  6. Create a new and strong password with the combination of numbers, letters and special characters

Hope you will follow the steps to fix your issue.

Get instant support from the team

  • You can call from anywhere, anytime, and our tech support team is ready to serve you always.
  • We seek permission to get remote access to your computer and can solve any problem related to Hotmail, or instruct you step by step procedure to solve the login problem.
  • We have expertise in solving Hotmail login problem, Hotmail hacked account and resetting issues.

Hotmail customer service offers affordable tech support with quick, to-the-point solutions. So, dial Hotmail technical support number whenever you face Hotmail issues.